The Jamaica Customs Agency continues to make significant progress with the enhancement of ASYCUDA World which now includes the processing of Related Declarations (Enclosed) Entries

The varying permutations, as stated below, have been finalized with the Related Declaration Guide now being made available to you, our valued clients. 

The JCA requests that all concerned review the document for immediate use as deemed appropriate for processing of the related transaction types.  As is the norm, our Team of Helpdesk representatives will be available to provide further assistance for completion of your declarations in a timely manner. 

The details are as follows:

Related Declarations (Enclosure Entries)

a)   Multiple Suppliers

b)   Multiple Currencies

c)   Multiple Importers

CLICK HERE--> Related Declaration Guide

For further details, please contact our Helpdesk and Support Team members via the following Telephone lines:750-3030, 750-3047, 750-3070

Please be advised tha tthe CPC guide has been updated:
CPC Guide November 2016

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