Transit/Goods Movement Tidbit

Transit/Goods Movement Procedure is used to effect controls for consignments being transferred from one Customs Area to another Customs Area under Bond and other stipulated Customs Controls (Seals and Escort).

It allows for the Manifest/Waybill to be closed at the Customs Office of Report and new references generated for the Customs Office where the final clearance will be effected.

Effective August 22, 2016 all Cargo Movements subject to Transit procedures must be executed on the C87e Customs Declaration for Multiple Regimes using the IM/EX8 regime in Box 1.

Cargo Agents will no longer be required to complete and/or reference the C26 Form previously used for the approval of Transit/Goods Movement.

All Cargo Agents requesting Transit/Goods Movement must have a registered Transit Bond to cover the Duty Liability for the movement.

Kindly Take Note of the Following

 All Waybills subject to Transit/Goods Movement must fit the following criteria:

  •       The type should be that of a  Master Waybill
  •       The Nature Code type should be 24

Transit to an Inland Bonded Facility for Stripping: Regime Type: IM8 - Procedure Code: 8000

Transit to Export: Regime Type: EX8- Procedure Code: 8100

  • Please note that all Degroupage and validation must be completed prior to the Transit Declaration being submitted.
  • Transit Agents may generate T1- Transport Document immediately after the IM/EX8 Declaration has been assessed and paid.
  • All amendments identified after release at the office of departure must be communicated and finalized with customs at destination office.

The Releases for Transit Declarations must be presented to the Customs Office of Departure to effect completion of the T1/Transport Document and Exit Procedure

The T1/Transport Document must be completed and printed by the Customs Office of Departure with details of the seals affixed, driver and equipment/truck details and handed to the driver.

On arrival at the Customs Office of Arrival the Proper Officer is required complete the T1 in confirmation of the Arrival to effect the Release of the Transit Bond 

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